Jason Mesnick Rushed to the ER After Visiting Home of Mike Fleiss!
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Jason Mesnick Rushed to the ER After Visiting Home of Mike Fleiss!

Remember back in the day when Jason Mesnick declared his love to Melissa Rycroft and then was like "whoops, nevermind," and re-declared his love to Molly Mesnick? Seems like just yesterday! Turns out Jason and Molly were a match made in heaven, and they got to know each other intimately over a series of secretive post-Bachelor dates in California.

Jason and Molly's first hang session took place at Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss' Malibu home, and it was more than a little hush-hush. Not only were Jason and Molly trapped in this swanky pad all by their lonesome, they didn't even have access to a car! Pretty romantic you know, until someone breaks their leg open and nearly bleeds to death!

"We were hanging out by the pool and we were sober," Jason told fans during his radio podcast, This Is Reality with Jason and Molly Mesnick. "I'm laying out by the pool, trying to look all cool, it's our first time together, and I step up off the edge of the pool, right? And then I kinda step backwards. And I slip on the edge of the pool. And the edge of the pool is just sharp brick... and I just bang the side of my knee on the inside of the pool. It didn't hurt at first, and then I get up, and it went straight to the bone."

Unfortunately, Jason and Molly didn't have a car, and when they finally got through to their producers, they were told not to call 911 on the off chance that someone could see them and spoil the show! Naturally, Molly finger-wagged at these fools and called for back up, but her producers insisted that she leave Jason bleeding and hide in the house. "They didn't want the EMTs to see who you were with in case they knew who you were," she reminded Jason.

Wow, Bachelor Powers That Be. No words.

Luckily, Jason ended up being A-OK, and he and Molly fell in love, got married, and popped out a baby! And we can only assume they've been side eyeing their producers ever since.

Source: This Is Reality with Jason and Molly Mesnick

06.28.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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