Jason Mesnick: Juan Pablo Was Made to Look Bad Because He Doesn’t Propose
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Jason Mesnick: Juan Pablo Was Made to Look Bad Because He Doesn’t Propose

Remember back in the heady days of “Juan-uary” — just as Juan Pablo Galavis’s Bachelor season was getting started — and he was everybody’s favorite fun-loving, soccer-playing single dad? Good luck finding many people to have flattering things to say about El Bachelor now. But is this shift in public opinion due to ABC punishing him for what happens in his finale next week?

On Jason and Molly Mesnick’s podcast, Jason says he doesn’t know if JPG will propose to his final lady, but Jason is surmising that he won’t propose. And Jason thinks that the show’s producers are therefore doing everything they can to make Juan Pablo look like a bad dude.

“The previews and the commercials make him look terrible, and they don’t have to do that to him,” Jason says. He adds that producers “want you to propose to somebody,” and if you don’t, “they’ll tell you, ‘We’ll make you look bad.’” Jason has revealed in the past that he felt pressured by producers to propose to Melissa Rycroft, whom he later dumped for his current wife, Molly.

So is this just a conspiracy theory, or is there some truth here? Frankly, some of Juan Pablo’s behavior seems hard to spin in a positive way, like his blaming Clare Crawley for their ocean dip, as well as using his daughter, Camila, as an excuse to avoid kissing certain women.

While some of his behavior seems impossible to excuse, the tides have certainly turned since before the season, when ABC wanted us to love JPG as much as they said they did. But the way the Season 18 finale promo was edited, it looks like Juan Pablo is being set up for something. And after Chris Harrison let him hang at the “Women Tell All,” it seems he doesn’t have a friend left in the editing room.

But hey, maybe Jason has a point. Either that, or once you join the Former Bachelor Brotherhood, you’re required to defend the current Bachelor although perhaps Sean Lowe didn’t get that memo.

Do you think the show’s producers are purposely making Juan Pablo look bad? And do you think this is a sign that Juan Pablo doesn’t propose?

Source: This Is Reality