Jason and Molly Mesnick: Producers Could Help Bachelor Couples By…
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The Bachelor

Jason and Molly Mesnick: Producers Could Help Bachelor Couples By…

The Bachelor has been gracing our lives with its presence for an entire decade, yet only a handful of couples have actually stayed together for the long run! Let's just say the chances of this show actually fostering a love-connection are slim to none.

So, what could producers do to ensure that more couples stay together? The Bachelor's resident success story, Jason and Molly Mesnick, have all kinds of brilliant musings on the matter.

First up, Molly and Jason say producers need to replace some of the more colorful contestants with normal functioning humans. "What makes the show go round is having twenty crazies (guys or girls) and five good ones," Jason says during his radio show, This Is Reality With Jason And Molly Mesnick. "If they really wanted the show to work out better, they could alter that number a little bit....If the producers [said] 'let's just give ten good girls or guys and fifteen of the crazies,' you'd at least double your odds."

Jason and Molly Mesnick: Producers Could Help Bachelor Couples By…
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Jason also explains that he and Molly had less than 48 hours of time together during a full seven weeks of filming — and said time wasn't exactly quality. "What's important to them is to capture everything they can on camera, because they don't want something magical to happen off camera," Jason says. "The fact is you don't know the person you pick at the end of the show. You're like, 'Oh, I didn't know you like country and you're a serial killer!'"

Luckily, Molly didn't end up being a serial killer — but she admits that she and Jason only really got to know each other after The Bachelor wrapped up filming. Maybe if their dates had been more realistic, they would have had more time to bond! "There are dates too where you can't even talk to the person," she says. "You're like scaling the building or something like that... It's such a waste of time!"

Please, Molly. Scaling buildings is a staple of every normal relationship. There's nothing more romantic than dangling from a rope 500 feet in the air.

Anyway, do you agree with Molly and Jason's tips for increased Bachelor success? We love ourselves some crazy contestants and death-defying romance, but maybe these two have a point.

Source: This Is Reality With Jason and Molly Mesnick