The Bachelor

Jason Mesnick Gives Wife Molly a Makeover: The Results Are Scary!

Look at Molly Mesnick: She’s beautiful, accomplished, and just scored an awesome job as a morning talk show host on one of Seattle’s most popular radio stations. So, why the heck is Jason Mesnick getting anywhere near her with a tube of mascara and some crazy eyeshadow? Great question.

Well, it seems that the talented ladies of KISS 106.1 invited their man friends in to try their hand at the complex art of makeup application — with terrifying results. It’s not that complicated, guys. Look, Molly even laid out the components of her routine right in front of her. We’d say it looks idiot proof, but the after pic shows that’s clearly not the case.

To be fair, while some of the guys obviously made an effort to attempt to duplicate their gals’ beauty routine, Jason went a different — and not altogether surprising — route with his attempt. Want to see what the Season 13 Bachelor did to his lovely lady? Click through to see!