Jason Mesnick on Reality Show Stars: “We’re All Cast For a Reason”
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Jason Mesnick on Reality Show Stars: “We’re All Cast For a Reason”

In our hearts, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are perfect beacons of hope, chock-full of love beams tinted the perfect shade of scarlet in the production office chemistry labs. But while we don’t care how the new loves of our life come into our world, so long as they get there, one former Bachelor cutie has a little more to say on the subject: Jason Mesnick.

In fact, the Season 13 Bachelor and his beautiful wife, Molly Mesnick, talked on their podcast “This Is Reality” about what they’re cooking in the mysterious labs producers hang out in. “Even for us people who are on reality shows, we’re all cast, I’m sure people know this, we are all cast for a reason.

“I remember, I was at the production offices of The Bachelor and they had a big board, this was before Jillian Harris’ season of The Bachelorette, they had a big board. And, on the board, on the top level — and these guys, they hadn’t started filming yet — were two ‘contenders’ and there were pictures of the guys. And below that, there were a handful of ‘villains,’ and below that were… a few other categories. There might have been a single…” Dad, Jason?

Molly chimed in, adding “They totally have people cast as personalities.” And Jason agreed, continuing, “and the thing is, we don’t even know it. Anyone who goes through that doesn’t realize they’re pinpointed to win the show. Because, they already know what Jillian likes.”

“I wish I had taken a picture of the board,” Jason concluded of the experience.

Whoa, guys. Way to dash our fantasies. But maybe it’s more like a Wilden Pretty Little Liars set up, or just like a storyboard of what could happen. You know, like the one we keep in our not-at-all-creepy closet filled with scenarios to make our crushes fall in love with us. Honestly, though, who really cares as long as they ended up happy in the end, right? Or not?

Though the pair found love, they talk weekly about their journey to the real side of life on “This Is Reality.” Want to know what else they had to say on the subject and how knowing how they were “cast” affected them? Check it out.

Source: This Is Reality

09.5.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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