Jason Mesnick’s Son Ty and Daughter Riley Bond Adorably!
Credit: Molly Mesnick on Twitter    

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Jason Mesnick’s Son Ty and Daughter Riley Bond Adorably!

Molly Mesnick popped out her first baby with The Bachelor's Jason Mesnick on March 14, and this bundle of joy couldn't be more adorable. Baby Riley might just be the most loved bambino in all of Bachelor Nation, in part because she has a fabulous older brother — Jason's first son, Tyler!

Ty is thrilled to have a little sister, and it looks like he and Riley already have a strong bond. In fact, check out this video of the dynamic duo chatting up a storm! Sure, Riley is speaking in gurgles and goos, but whatever — they totally understand each other.

“He’s been so excited to be a big brother,” Jason told People back when Molly was still pregnant. "He’s been asking me for years. He’s always wanted to be a big brother.... Molly made him a t-shirt that says ‘Big Brother’ on it and he’s really proud. He wore it to school.”

Meanwhile, Molly says that Ty is super hands-on with his sister. "[Ty] has been amazing with Riley," she gushed on Mother's Day. "It's the best reaction we ever could have gotten out of him, since he's been an only child all of his life. He absolutely loves Riley."

Sigh, could this family of four be any more perfect? Baby Riley is so lucky to have such a fabulous older brother –– we can't wait for her to start speaking in actual sentences so she and Ty can communicate! Also, that should happen any day now –– girlfriend is clearly a baby genius.

Source: YouTube