Would Jason and Molly Mesnick Want Daughter Riley on The Bachelorette?
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Would Jason and Molly Mesnick Want Daughter Riley on The Bachelorette?

Last week found Season 13 Bachelor Jason Mesnick and wife Molly doing the rounds in New York City, including a pit stop at the Katie show. Behind the scenes, the couple showed off three-month-old daughter Riley Anne and discussed their kiddo’s rise to stardom.

“We’ll be able to tell if she’s going to be an actress today or not, if she turns it on for the camera or not,” Molly said while the family prepped for Katie Couric’s show. “But what if she cries? She could be dramatic. Either way,” Jason added.

Do we smell a couple of stage parents in the wings?

“If Riley asks to be the Bachelorette in a few years, I will say...” Jason said with Molly jumping in, “You can’t say no!”

Well, Dad (whom we hope considers “a few years” to be at least 18) does say “no.” The Bachelor, who infamously changed his mind after proposing, laid down the law when it comes to his baby girl going on air to find love.

“Once you’ve been there and you know so much, would you want this beautiful little baby exposed to that world?” Jason asked his wife. “Yes!” she replied.

Looks like we’ve got ourselves a difference of opinion about this baby Bachelorette’s career in showbiz, but our guess is Mama will get her way. Riley did make her TV debut at just two months old and we already know she’s got stageworthy looks. Bachelorette 2031, here we come! Fingers crossed Chris Harrison’s still around to lead her on the journey of a lifetime...

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