Jason and Molly Mesnick: No One Falls in Love on The Bachelorette
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The Bachelorette

Jason and Molly Mesnick: No One Falls in Love on The Bachelorette

Jason and Molly Mesnick may have met on ABC’s favorite dating franchise The Bachelor, but the two don’t credit the show for their lasting love — or anyone else’s for that matter. Despite the fact that four men proclaimed their love and affection for Andi Dorfman on the current season of The Bachelorette, the married couple and parents of two kind of think those feelsies are hog wash.

“I don’t think that anybody really ever falls in love on the show,” says Jason on their latest episode of their podcast. “NO,” Molly chimes in emphatically, “they think they fall in love.” Jason continues with, “you just don’t get to spend enough time with the person.” The duo estimate that in two months of filming, the lead spends a combined total of forty-eight hours or fewer with his or her final choice.

“It’s not until after the show that relationships are able to work or not,” says Jason. “When you’re out of the reality show bubble.”

The Season 13 Bachelor tries to be a little optimistic about the show’s potential for romance, saying “Ryan and Trista [Sutter] probably fell in love on the show, right?” But Molly doesn’t even buy that most magical of love stories. “No,” she says, “afterwards.”

“It just doesn’t happen,” agrees Jason. In an earlier podcast, the Mesnicks mention that one of the trials and tribulations newly anointed Bachelor/ette couples face is the sudden fame and variety of “options” they didn’t have prior to the show. The increased attention from members of the opposite sex, coupled with a long-distance relationship, tends to lead to demise of relationships formed during the bubble of production.

So who has the best bet of making things work with Andi long term? Well, according to a couple who’s made it work, it sure doesn’t hurt that she and Josh Murray live in the same state.

Do you think people can really fall in love on the show or do feelings change when cameras stop rolling? Tell us your thoughts.

Source: Jason and Molly podcast