Jason and Molly Mesnick’s Baby Girl Wishes Her Papa Happy Birthday!
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Jason and Molly Mesnick’s Baby Girl Wishes Her Papa Happy Birthday!

The time has come to bake a cake in the shape of the cutest baby around, and then eat it. Yes, it’s a little macabre, but just trust us on this one. Jason and Molly Mesnick's little nugget “held up” (with her super good 3-month-old motor skills...) a sign wishing her Papa a happy birthday. And while we originally thought she was talking to her darling daddy, the Bachelor hunk celebrates his birthday on July 5, so we’re pretty sure an even better sign will be coming ‘round next month.

Jason and Molly's kiddo, Riley Anne, was born on March 14, and she's the best belated birthday gift a grandpa could ever ask for. In fact, we're convinced that this girl is a genius. Not only did she start smiling at a freakishly young age, her gurgles are basically words, and now she can straight-up write.

Want proof? Check out that picture of Baby Riley holding a sign (read: chilling out while a giant sign rests on her) that reads "HAPPY B-DAY PAPA!" Sure, her penmanship could use a little work, and her balloons are slightly messy, but whatever. The little lady is only a few months old, so we'll cut her some slack.

In other news, could Riley be any cuter? This kid is a perfect combination of Molly and Jason, and thanks to her we have no doubt that her “Papa” will have the best birthday ever. We'll drink some celebratory Franzia in your honor, buddy. And when we say "drink," we mean we'll hold the box above our heads and go at it like a gerbil.

Source: Twitter