The Hills’ Jason Wahler Talks Addiction, Suicide Attempts, Recovery, and Marriage
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The Hills’ Jason Wahler Talks Addiction, Suicide Attempts, Recovery, and Marriage

After seeing a side-by-side comparison of his appearance now and one taken at the height of his MTV fame seven years ago, Laguna Beach/The Hills star Jason Wahler — whose relationship with then-girlfriend Lauren Conrad provided much of the shows' drama — was so moved by his transformation that he wrote a blog post on his reformed lifestyle for the Huffington Post.

The before-and-after is indeed striking. Nowadays, Jason looks thinner, more well-rested, and glowing with health — compared to his sullen, bloated appearance as a 19-year-old.

In his essay, Jason recalls those tough times.

"I was out drinking every night, acting recklessly and making poor decisions left and right," he writes. "Before I knew it, I had six drinking-related arrests under my belt and had even done some jail time. What was even worse was that … my mistakes and run-ins with the law always hit the wires because of my [TV fame]. I was quickly becoming known as the non-stop partier from Orange County, when truthfully, I was just like any other alcoholic who was humiliated because of their spiral out of control.

But don't think that he blames his stints on the MTV shows for all of his troubles: "I knew that Laguna and The Hills weren't the source of my addiction, but the overnight success, fame, and cash ignited my addiction much quicker."

Eventually, his persistent unhappiness almost got the better of him: "I was so uncomfortable in my own skin that I contemplated suicide a number of times, and even attempted it once."

But now, he's sober for three years and loving his work for Northbound Treatment Services as the facility's "Client and Alumni Services Manager" — which, as he describes "is a just a fancy term for helping people achieve natural highs."

Plus, the 26-year-old is days away from marrying fiancée Ashley Slack.

So glad to hear of all of his successes!

Source: Huffington Post

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