Teen Mom 2\'s Briana DeJesus Is Legitimately Sad Javi Marroquin Isn\'t Single (UPDATE)
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Javi Marroquin

Teen Mom 2’s Briana DeJesus Is Legitimately Sad Javi Marroquin Isn’t Single (UPDATE)


UPDATE (7/27/17 at 9:27 a.m. ET):

Does Briana DeJesus want to date Javi Marroquin as much as fans want her to?

It's been a week or so since Teen Mom 2 fans started shipping #Javiana, and both cast members played along with the joke.

But Bri's latest tweets lead us to believe she isn't actually joking about wanting to date Lincoln's dad!

The exchange began when Bri tweeted about how good the other girls look on the show by putting themselves together and wearing makeup.

Javi then chimed in making a joke about how the guys look good, too, which prompted Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager to jump on the #Javiana bandwagon.

But the kicker? When Briana tweeted back "he's not single tho," with a sad face emoji. Ooh la la!


Check out the full Twitter exchange above, and keep clicking for more on Teen Mom 2's newest "couple!"


Original story (7/19/17 at 11:17 a.m. ET):

Well, wouldn’t this be a plot twist?!

Teen Mom 2 fans seem to be warming up already to newcomer Briana DeJesus, so much so they want her to date co-star Javi Marroquin!

But are the single parents on board with fans’ requests?

In the Season 8 premiere of Teen Mom 2, Javi, Bri, and her sister, Brittany, had a cordial meeting backstage while filming an MTV special in Los Angeles.

“Your mom tried hooking me and Briana up but she’s pregnant now so that’s kinda out the window,” Javi joked with his old pals.


“So you let me know, you got my number!”

But was he really joking?!

Ever since that flirtatious hug — and Bri’s ensuing hair flip — fans are all about these two dating, and we can understand why.

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For one, they actually have a little bit of history. Javi and his then-wife Kailyn Lowry were friendly with Brittany and Briana, whom they met at an MTV event.

They kept in touch and eventually met up when Javi and Kail took the boys to Disney in Orlando, Florida, where the DeJesus sisters live.


Bri, Kail, and Brittany also infamously got plastic surgery together with Dr. Miami in January 2016.

Plus, Javi and Brittany sometimes hang out!


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But this relationship could potentially become more than just platonic.

One fan in particular tweeted about how desperately she wants to see Lincoln’s dad date the mom of two and “create a family together.”

Lots of fans chimed in saying they agreed — and so did the two subjects themselves!

“LMAO Javi look what you did,” the 23-year-old tweeted.

His response? Nothing but an emoji and a “hair flip,” clearly in reference to the hair flip she gave him a few months back on the show. LOL!

And guess what? These two already have a ship name…

#Javiana! It kind of sounds like the name of a tropical resort or a brand of fancy water, but we are into this.

However, we don’t think these two are going to hook up — at least not at the moment.

Distance aside — Javi lives in Dover, Delaware — he’s in a brand new relationship with Lauren Comeau, whom he met at a wedding through some mutual friends (though he has randomly deleted all photos of her from social media…)


And though Bri is probably single, it’s unclear if she’s trying to work things out with Luis, the father of her newborn daughter, Stella Star.

Luis cheated on her throughout much of her pregnancy, but from photos it seems like he is kinda sorta still in the picture, whether they’re actually together or simply co-parenting.


Sorry, #Javiana stans!

Are you shipping Javi and Briana? Or should they just stay friends — and not piss off Kailyn? Tell us below!

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