Teen Mom 2’s Feud Between Jenelle Evans and Javi Marroquin Is Just Getting Started
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Javi Marroquin

Teen Mom 2’s Feud Between Jenelle Evans and Javi Marroquin Is Just Getting Started


It’s one thing for the Teen Mom 2 moms to feud with each other, but when a dad gets involved, things take a weird turn.

We’re obviously talking about Jenelle Evans and Javi Marroquin, who have had a tense relationship since March, when they accused each other on Twitter of leaking Kailyn Lowry’s pregnancy news to the public.

Months have passed, and the baby’s since been born, but these two are still on incredibly awkward terms.

As we saw on the August 21 episode of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn called out Jenelle for tweeting her congrats about her baby news before she had confirmed it herself.

“She tweeted me saying 'congratulations on your pregnancy, so excited for you’ or whatever. She said she heard it from the crew, but I talked to MTV and I don’t think the crew leaked it,” Kail told a pal.

"I don’t know if she was doing it to be a smart ass or if she was doing it really congratulating me. I feel like I would text somebody that…”

Later, however, after Kail confirmed the pregnancy herself on the After Show, Jenelle tweeted that Kailyn’s ex was actually the one who broke the news by DMing it to a gossip site. Drama!


To this day we still don’t know who spilled the beans, though both parties insist they’re innocent.

Now, here we are and the feud is still brewin’, as Javi revealed this week.

“Me and Jenelle are not on good terms, I don’t like the way she acts or some of the stuff she says — they never say it in person, it’s always on social media,” he told Radar Online.


“That’s how they wanna act things out, but we’ll all be at the reunion pretty soon, so it should be a good one."

The 24-year-old also hit below the belt, commenting on Jenelle’s nasty custody battle with Nathan Griffith and his mom, Doris.

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“Good for Nathan if it is true, protecting Kaiser and doing what they need to do,” he added.

However, Javi followed up this interview by saying he and the North Carolina gal have since “squashed” their beef.


In a now-deleted tweet, he claimed he and his co-star had a “very adult convo” and it’s all straightened out.

Dude’s right, though — this upcoming Teen Mom 2 Season 8 reunion might be as dramatic as that epic Teen Mom OG Season 6 reunion if things keep up like this!

Meanwhile, Jenelle hasn’t commented on the Javi feud, instead focusing on her impending wedding to David Eason. Any guesses who their officiant might be!?

Plus, she’s in the midst of a custody battle with both her mom and her ex’s mom, so yeah, girl’s got a lot on her plate.

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Do you think Javi and Jenelle really mended things? Or will they hash it all out at the reunion? Tell us below!

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