Javi Marroquin Meets Miley Cyrus — See the Picture! (PHOTO)
Credit: Javi Marroquin on Twitter    

Teen Mom 2

Javi Marroquin Meets Miley Cyrus — See the Picture! (PHOTO)

Every second of Teen Mom 2 Javi Marroquin's life has been leading up to this moment. The moment he met Miley Cyrus. That's right, fellow denizens of Teen Mom Land, Kailyn Lowry's pouty-lipped hubby met the living legend that is Miley, and he even got to pose with her. We cannot.

So, how did Javi get such an amazing opportunity? He won Bangerz meet-n-greet tickets thanks to Teen Mom 2 fans who voted for him! The hard work on the part of Javi's groupies definitely paid off, because this dude's photo with Miley is pretty much amazing. Mostly because she's wearing a gingham bikini and matching feather boa (while giving her signature tongue wag, naturally!).

And for those of you wondering where Javi's better half was during this epic meeting of the famous minds, girlfriend could be found curled up on the couch at home...with the flu.

"Wish I was at the concert with my husband and friends," Kailyn tweeted on August 2, to which Javi responded, "I missed you all day."

Aww, these two! Kailyn is the best wife ever for letting Javi chill with Miley instead of bringing her soup and Uggs, so this hunk better return the favor. Maybe he can arrange for Kailyn to meet the Hanson Brothers, aka her favorite band?