Jax Taylor: “I Feel Like a Piece of S—t” (VIDEO)
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Vanderpump Rules

Jax Taylor: “I Feel Like a Piece of S—t” (VIDEO)

We don't exactly have high expectations for Jax Taylor's behavior on Vanderpump Rules, but even we were surprised by how little remorse he showed to Tom Sandoval on last night's Season 2 finale after admitting to sleeping with Kristen Doute. So does Jax regret how he acted?

Jax and Lisa Vanderpump appear on last night's Watch What Happens Live, and Jax is asked about how he behaved in the episode. "You know what, I watched the episode — we watched it together — and after seeing it, and after watching myself on there, it was really hard to watch," Jax admits. "It really was. I really feel like a piece of s—t. Yeah, I do."

However, Lisa is skeptical. "Yeah, but just because you look bad, not because what you've done," Lisa chimes in. "Sorry — just saying. I don't think there's much remorse. I've tried to drag it out of you."

And so Jax tries to explain himself further. "After seeing myself and seeing the actions that I took, I was really selfish," he says. "I'm not going back to this whole story again, but at the time, I was a pretty selfish person — and what I was going through, going back to the whole Stassi thing."

"And I didn't care about anybody — I didn't care about who I hurt, I didn't care about what I did, I was selfish," Jax continues. "I was just pleasing myself, and I lost a friend out of it."

Of course, Lisa can't resist the chance for a pun. "That's what you should have done — pleased yourself instead of Kristen," she quips. That's our Lisa!

Do you think Jax is truly sorry for what he did?

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