Is Jax Taylor Getting Rid of His Stassi Tattoo?
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Vanderpump Rules

Is Jax Taylor Getting Rid of His Stassi Tattoo?

Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor has made a lot of questionable decisions over the course of the show, but perhaps the most startling one was when he tattooed Stassi Schroeder’s name on his arm — after they had already split up. Oh, Jax. But is he thinking about now getting the tattoo removed?

Jax tells OK! Magazine that he doesn’t have any immediate plans to remove it, but he might decide to get rid of it someday. “I’m actually working on finishing [getting a sleeve tattoo on] my whole arm,” Jax says. “When I did the [Stassi] tattoo, I knew I was going to be doing [the sleeve], so if it went south, I could always cover it up.”

Perhaps the fate of the tattoo depends on whether a future spouse doesn’t love it. “I'm assuming one of these days it's going to have to go,” Jax admits about the tat.

So while Jax doesn’t seem to be too devastated about having Stassi’s name permanently etched on his arm, he does have one regret about this season. "Obviously, my regret is what I did with Kristen, that's the big one," he says. "I ruined a relationship… I ruined my personal life."

It’s nice to hear that Jax finally comprehends how serious it was for him to sleep with Kristen Doute, and how much it affected both Tom Sandoval and Stassi Schroeder. Will he avoid making similar mistakes in the future? You never know, given that this is Jax we’re talking about, but let’s hope he’s learned from it.

Do you think Jax will get Stassi’s name removed from his arm?

Source: OK!