Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor has been through some ups and downs since the show finished airing Season 2 earlier this year. And now, he's introducing us to his new "baby." 

Jax had been dating 23-year-old model Carmen Dickman for a few months before they parted ways recently. Then, he revealed he has started dating an older woman

Credit: Twitter

Now, he has posted a pic of what he calls his "baby," although he might not be referring to what you would think. "My new baby," he captions the photo of his brand new bike. 

Way to go, Jax! We didn't realize that he's such a big fan of biking, so it's interesting that he's so excited about this new purchase. And here we thought that the only way to get around in L.A. was by car. 

Of course, we've always known what a fitness buff Jax is, so perhaps it's not surprising that he would be fond of getting exercise on two wheels. We're sure it's got to be more enjoyable than, say, using an elliptical. 

We hope Jax enjoys his new purchase — and we hope he also wears a helmet. Those L.A. drivers can be unpredictable. 

Are you surprised that Jax is such a biking fan?

Source: Jax on Twitter