Did Jay-Z Call His Album ‘4:44’ Because of the Solange Elevator Fight?
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Did Jay-Z Call His Album ‘4:44’ Because of the Solange Elevator Fight?


Super fans figure everything out!

Jay-Z’s album 4:44 addresses countless rumors involving his family, from Beyonce’s Lemonade album to the cheating allegations, but a new discovery has fans going crazy.

Remember the 47-year-old’s infamous fight with Solange Knowles in the elevator following the 2014 Met Gala?

Well, it turns out that incident has a very clear connection to the title of his album.

Prepare to be shocked!

A fan on Twitter, who just happened to be at the hotel where the fight took place, noticed this small detail earlier this week.

"I'm at The Standard where Solange beat Jay-Z's ass in the elevator," user @StephenOssola tweeted.


Whoa, are you freaking out yet?!

"444 W 13th Street. 4:44 IS ALSO HIS 13th STUDIO ALBUM,” he continued.

While we have a hard time thinking this is a coincidence, it turns out this is not the actual address of The Standard.

The real address is 848 Washington St., New York, New York, but according to Entertainment Tonight, 444 W 13th Street is the address for Le Bain, a rooftop bar at the top of the hotel.

Needless to say, fans had quite the reaction to this new development, with one user tweeting, “He took his lemons and decided to make some Lemonade too....”

Another said, “Well, now we know the real reason for the use of '4:44' ....hmmm... This makes a lot of sense taking everything into consideration.”

However, other fans mentioned Jay and Bey’s long-running obsession with the number four, as both their birthdays fall on the fourth and they got married on the fourth.

Not to mention, their daughter Blue Ivy is also named after the roman numeral symbol for four. 

“But they got married on the 4th and both their birthdays are on the 4th. Also it's 4:44,” one person tweeted.

“As in two of them were married on the 4th. Duh.”

Do you think this is just a strange coincidence or was it all on purpose? Sound off below!