Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Friend Talks Breakup Rumors (VIDEO)

Ever been within 30 feet of Beyoncé? Prepare to be asked your opinion on whether or not she and husband Jay Z are really on the road to divorce. Cameras caught up with one of the power couple’s friends, actor Harold House Moore, to see what he makes of all the gossip.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, a reminder that Harold is a star of VH1’s Single Ladies who has appeared in music videos for an impressive list of stars including, you guessed it, Jay Z and Destiny's Child.

Harold still sees the couple on a personal, not professional, level from time to time and from what he can tell, they’re doing just fine. “I think they’re happy,” he says. “They both seem happy. We all have differences with our significant other but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.”

That’s a good point and just one of the many Harold makes during his short chat with Splash News, which you can watch in full above. He says the fight that went down between Jay and sister-in-law Solange after the Met Gala is between them. “I think whatever happened in the elevator should stay in the elevator,” he explains, adding that unless you’ve got something to add that’ll help Bey and Jay “you shouldn’t give input to make it worse.”

Amen, Harold. Amen.

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Source: CBS