Beyoncé and Jay Z Look Totally Together at Kanye West Concert (VIDEO)

In case you’re still worried Beyoncé put everything Jay Z owns in a box to the left, 1) watch her performance at this year’s VMAs and 2) check out these snaps of Bey and her hubby looking all kinds of crazy in love.

The power couple was seen enjoying Kanye West’s performance during the Made in America music festival, even indulging in a little PDA during the show! Once you get over how amazing Bey looks with her shorter ‘do, note that all this lovey-dovey action took place when cameras weren’t rolling. True, these two probably expect every moment of their lives to be seen by somebody but there’s something particularly candid about these festival moments.

Of course, for the naysayers out there, we haven’t passed the ultimate test proving Bey and Jay are A-OK. What’s that, you ask? We be talking about Paris. The couple have two shows on their summer On the Run tour set to take place in the City of Light in just a few short days. Some have claimed the Carters are only sticking together to make it through those concerts and that once the curtain goes down in France, they’re heading to the courthouse.

As for what we think, well, a picture says a thousand words...