Beyonce and Jay Z Spent Almost $100,000 on Booze in Atlanta Club — Report (VIDEO)
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Beyonce and Jay Z Spent Almost $100,000 on Booze in Atlanta Club — Report (VIDEO)

Every so often we get a taste of what it's like for the 1 percent. Although, when it comes to Beyonce and Jay Z, it's more like the .0000000001 percent.

They earned their money through major talent and savvy skills, and they reportedly shared some of that wealth Friday night (December 28) at Club Reign in Atlanta.

According to TMZ, Jay and Bey bought drinks for their whole VIP section, with club sources saying the married couple spent almost $100,000 on bottles of Dusse cognac and Ace of Spades champagne. So go ahead and do the math for how long it would take you to earn that kind of money in your own job. Two years? Three? More? Less?

You can get a glimpse into the club in the Instagram video below, shared by a fan hanging out with the group. It shows Bey and Jay singing along to their song, "Drunk in Love." They were reportedly joined in the club by Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow, Dream and Trey Songz, among others.

Beyonce and Jay Z are regulars in the "Can you believe they spent X on Y?!" headlines. They are either living the dream or the nightmare, depending on your perspective.

What do you think of the idea of spending nearly $100K on alcohol during one night in a club?

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