9 Photos of Jay Z Staring At Beyoncé’s Butt

Jay Z and Beyoncé live a glamorous life as a mega-famous couple. Between performing sold-out tours, stunning on red carpets, and enjoying frequent, lavish vacations, this pair has a life most of us can only dream of! But judging from many photos taken of the pair over the course of their decade-plus-long relationship, it looks like the only thing Jay dreams of is getting back home and so he can touch Bey's butt again.

Seriously. In pap shots, step-and-repeats, and Bey's Tumblr posts alike, it seems like Jay is staring lasers into his wife's booty in every third picture. Not that we blame him; have you seen Beyoncé, like, ever?

It's so a part of their relationship that it even seems like they've integrated it into their choreography. Care to see what we mean? Click through to see some photos of Bey and Jay being… well, Bey and Jay.

We know that there's more to marriage than butts, but man, seeing these two together, we're having a really hard time believing those divorce rumors.

08.2.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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