Beyoncé and Jay Z’s On The Run Tour Set to Make HOW MUCH?!
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Beyoncé and Jay Z’s On The Run Tour Set to Make HOW MUCH?!

Beyoncé and Jay Z are making bank and not because they’re robbing them. The power couple’s summertime tour is already set to make millions upon millions of dollars, which is good because somebody’s got to pay for Blue Ivy’s college education.

For the latest facts and figures on Bey and Jay’s takeover of American stadiums, we turn to money on its mind publication Forbes. Turns out the stuffed shirts we imagine pushing pens at the pub actually have a soft spot in their hearts for the “Drunk in Love” pair and so set about debunking all those rumors that On the Run is a total flop.

“With a week to go until the opening show in Miami’s Sun Life Stadium,” Forbes writes, “the tour is on pace to sell almost 1 million tickets, and gross close to $100 million. At that pace, it would be the second most successful tour of all time based on gross revenue per show.”

There are two levels of distinction here: that gross revenue per show figure Forbes notes and all-time grossing tours, a list Bey and Jay’s combined effort isn’t expected to top. But no biggie. They’re still looking to bring in dollahs by the bucket load, earning an estimated $5 million in gross sales per show.

You’re welcome, Blue.

Source: Forbes

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