Jef Holm: I Haven’t Talked to Emily Maynard in Months
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Jef Holm: I Haven’t Talked to Emily Maynard in Months

Sorry, any stray Team JEM fans still out there, it sounds like Season 8 Bachelorette Emily Maynard and her ex-fiance Jef Holm aren't even keeping in casual touch after their breakup.

Jef chatted to Us Weekly about Em on May 24, during the Electric Run L.A. event in Carson, CA. "We haven't talked in the past few months. Last time we talked, things were in good spirits. I hope the best for her. She's an amazing girl. She's just not the person I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with. I think she'll make somebody happy."

He said he's dating around right now, just "having fun" and not dating anyone specific. He also called Emily a "homebody," whereas he wants "someone who wants to share in the excitement of life with me. I want to go out and be active and have fun and travel and do wild and fun things! That's what I want."

That's a big lifestyle difference. You'd almost think they'd already know that about each other before the big finale proposal. Emily was pretty clear about not really going out that much — didn't she even say she rarely left the 10-mile radius of her Charlotte, N.C. home? Sounds like she's more into the "settling down" part of a relationship, which makes sense since she does have a child and all, and he's still out there sowing his wild oats.

Speaking of Jef dating around, he said he's not planning to be the next Bachelor, he's focusing on his People Water business, but "if there was a fun opportunity to do something, I don't know if I'd say no to it."

Best of luck to Jef and Em in their separate searches for love/fun/whatever — let's just hope Desiree Hartsock and her Chosen One find their happy ending together!

Source: Us Weekly