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The time has come to travel across the hills and valleys of Bachelor Nation to a beautiful place where chambray shirts roam free, Fjällräven backpacks troll the streets, and carefree coifs ripple in the wind. In other words, it's time to take a trip to The Holmstead, home of Bachelorette Season 8 winner Jef Holm and his vats of purified water.

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It's been a while since Jef broke up with Bachelorette Emily Maynard, and he's spent most of his time post-stardom co-spearheading aqualicious company, People Water, dating randoms, and posting photos of himself doing yoga on weird rock formations. But what is El Jefe up to these days? More like what isn't he up to?

While Jef is still actively involved in People Water (which is based in his home state of Utah), he's been traveling the world like a becoiffed globetrotter. In just the past few weeks, Jef has hit up the Electric Run in Sydney, played with tigers in Thailand, and formed a spontaneous prayer circle in Singapore –– presumably on a mission to spread musings like "I wanna date you so hard and marry the f–– out of you" to local yokels.

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When it comes to Jef's dating life, he seems to have learned his lesson from the media storm that was his breakup with Em. Jef is more private about his lady friends than ever, and he's been slightly more careful when it comes to sharing the identity of his gal pals with the internet. However, Jef has tons of love in his life –– in fact, he recently celebrated his sister Julie Holm's wedding in South Carolina!

If you're wondering whether Jef still keeps up with his Bachelor Nation bros, the answer is a resounding hells yes. Jef and his BFFL, Bachelorette runner-up Arie Luyendyk, Jr., are still close, and they even hit up Vegas in late October to have a bromage-a-trois at the iHeartRadio Music Fest with Bachelor Nation's very own Kiptyn Locke! But even better? Arie wants to go on Dancing With the Stars with Jef, though apparently Jef is a huge hater, and tweeted "Ha, I would NEVER do that. There's not enough $ in the world to make me go on that stupid show!" Yikes, somewhere, Sean Lowe is crying all over his undulating pecs.

Anyway, in conclusion, Jef has transformed into a nomadic grifter who divides his time between playing with foreign felines, cyber flirting with Arie, and making the world a better place one drop of water at a time. The more you know!

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