The Walking Dead Season 4: Jeff Kober Talks Joe\'s \
The Walking Dead Season 4: Jeff Kober Talks Joe’s “Very Special Death”
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The Walking Dead Season 4: Jeff Kober Talks Joe’s “Very Special Death”


We met first Joe (Jeff Kober) as he whistled on the porch in The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 11, “Claimed.” Then he befriended our favorite outdoor cat Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) in Episode 13, “Alone.” Ultimately he screwed with the wrong guy in Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), and had his day of reckoning in the Season 4 finale, “A.”

A lot of fans were excited to see Sons of Anarchy’s Jeff Kober on TWD and had a feeling he would be around for more than just that porch scene in Ep 11. He ended up leading the show’s “remix” of The Marauder’s story from the comic books, which was told across four episodes in the second half.

Jeff recently talked to 100.3 Jack FM about shooting TWD. "That was a great experience to have, that was just such a good group of people,” Jeff said. “The character was so well-written, I mean just the dialogue I got to say was amazing."

Jeff defended Joe as a man with a code, not really a straight-up bad guy. He just got to be the one to make up the rules. "It was a lot of fun to play because, if you really accept the premise of the show, it's like, ‘OK the world that you know it is over, what are you going to do? How are you going to deal with that?’ That's a real basic human question."

The Walking Dead Season 4: Jeff Kober Talks Joe’s “Very Special Death”
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

Jeff was asked about Joe's "gruesome" finale death, via Rick Grimes' teeth to his neck, when The Marauders tried to punish Rick for killing their friend Lou. "I've died on a lot of shows,” Jeff said, “but that was a very special death." It was certainly memorable!

Jeff also plays Jacob Hale on Sons of Anarchy, and he compared working on the two shows. "The Walking Dead was more of a group experience, you know, but Sons of Anarchy — the mayor is a lonely soul, he's a lonely character, he comes in and out. So it's kind of a different experience."

He's also mixing it up with a comedic role as the landlord on New Girl. "New Girl is so much fun, but that dude — he’s kind of just that character in the wrong place,” Jeff said. “The same character as I played on The Walking Dead or on Sons Of Anarchy, just put him in a basement and give him a janitors role.”

What can he say, he’s claimed a certain type of character! That’s not a bad thing. Jeff did a great job on TWD, it’s just a shame Joe had to turn on Rick, since that’s just not a good plan on our show. Otherwise Joe probably could’ve been redeemed, if he softened a bit, although maybe that would make him too much of an indoor cat...

Do you wish Joe had been able to stay on the show or are you glad he’s now dead and gone?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: 100.3 Jack FM