Jeff “The Mask” Medolla: I Broke Into Chris Harrison’s Trailer! – Exclusive
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The Bachelorette

Jeff “The Mask” Medolla: I Broke Into Chris Harrison’s Trailer! – Exclusive

Jeff Medolla certainly made a lasting impression (sans the first impression rose) on Ashley Hebert’s season of The Bachelorette. Even if you don’t remember his name, you definitely remember The Mask – and it turns out, the man behind the mask is way cooler than you thought!

Remember when he broke into the mansion on Bachelor Pad 2? The coolest stuff didn’t even make it to air! Chris Harrison, if you’re reading this, Jeff told us that he broke into your trailer, ate your food, sat in your chair, and tried some of your shirts on – all while rockin’ his mask! Freaky! We wonder of Chris’ trailer is as cool as Jeff breaking into it…?

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Jeff to find out what he’s been up to since the show, hear all about his wine and vodka (after all, they love to drink in the Bachelor mansion), and get his thoughts on the latest Bachelor headlines!

Jeff “The Mask” Medolla: I Broke Into Chris Harrison’s Trailer! – Exclusive
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Wetpaint: What have you been up to since the show?

I’ve been working on the wine and vodka brands, signing new artists in the music industry who want to get involved with the Freaky brands, and doing what's most important – playing hockey, brotha!

Set the record straight, why did you wear the mask on the show?

I've always been a creative person, so I wanted to send a positive message; looks fade in time and it's more about people's personalities instead of all the materialistic crap. Plus, I'm a goof ball at heart, so why not rock a dumb ass mask? Overall, I knew it would draw attention in a way that we could market the Freaky brands.

Did you actually have it on all the time?

No. I wore the mask only when I was goofing around and when it needed to be on for certain occasions.

Jeff “The Mask” Medolla: I Broke Into Chris Harrison’s Trailer! – Exclusive
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Will you be back with the mask?

Put it this way...if I'm out in California again and in the area, I will break into that house again. But, next time I'm going to steal something big – maybe a couch or something.

What's the craziest fan encounter you've had since the show?

I'd say when people take pictures of you when you're eating dinner... they literally walk right by the table taking pictures like I don't notice... that sh*t is cray-cray.

Tell us about your wine and vodka: Freaky!

I created Freaky Muscato and Freaky V a few years ago, partnered with some rappers who've won Grammy's and we continue to add new entertainers to the mix. Overall, the wine market is very boring, so we're adding fashion, music, and culture to the game. We let people know it's okay to be different.

Jeff “The Mask” Medolla: I Broke Into Chris Harrison’s Trailer! – Exclusive
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You're working with big time rappers (Nelly and TI) – tell us about what you are up to with them?

Last month, Nelly shot a video in Atlanta with TI for his new single. During the entire video, he was holding a bottle of Freaky. Both of them are amazing entertainers and their involvement with the brand will continue to grow as we keep adding new people.

You're making a splash in the rap and hip-hop scene – tell us all about it!

It's been cool seeing all the different rappers around the country wanting to get involved. We get emails every day from people shooting new music videos – they request the brand to be in the videos. The St. Lunatics were the first guys involved with the Freaky brand and I've heard Wiz Khalifa was even sipping Freaky.

What are your thoughts on Ben and Courtney?

I play hockey Monday and Wednesday nights, so I haven't seen any of the episodes.

Ashley and JP?

I think it's great they're still together. They look so happy and I wish them all the best!

How do you feel about Emily as The Bachelorette?

The great thing about Emily is she knows life is short and she's been through adversity – which builds true character. I've always liked those types of qualities in people. Plus, she told me she loved the Mask guy shenanigans…

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