Jenelle and Barbara Evans Argue Over Jace — Watch the Sneak Peek! (VIDEO)
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Teen Mom 2

Jenelle and Barbara Evans Argue Over Jace — Watch the Sneak Peek! (VIDEO)

Tensions were at an all time high between Jenelle Evans and her iconic mother, Barbara, during this week's Teen Mom 2, and you better believe next week's episode is bringing the OMGs.

You can expect these two to butt heads about the way Babs is raising Jenelle's first son Jace, who seems to have a few violent tendencies. Basically, Barbara thinks Jace is trouble, and Jenelle thinks he's simply misunderstood.

"He's gotta learn to get along with kids!" Babs explains to Jenelle in a sneak peek from MTV. "When he pushes Kaiser down, [will] you say 'It's Kaiser's fault?’"

Barbara has a point, but Jenelle shot back with an even better one. "You scream and yell at him, so then he feels the need to yell at you," she explains.

"When you used to yell at me I would lie to you because I didn't want to get yelled at. When he comes to me with his problems I speak and talk to him rationally. I don't yell and jump down his throat like you do."

Um, is anyone else blown away by how mature this musing is? We all know how feisty Barbara can be, and it's totally understandable that Jace would act out against her screaming fits. To see how the rest of this fight goes down, watch the full clip!

Not gonna lie — we're Team Jenelle on this one. What about you?

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Source: MTV