‘Teen Mom 2’ Fan Accuses Jenelle Evans of Verbally Attacking Her at St. Thomas Airport (VIDEO)
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Jenelle Evans

‘Teen Mom 2’ Fan Accuses Jenelle Evans of Verbally Attacking Her at St. Thomas Airport (VIDEO)


Leave it to Jenelle Evans to bring the drama with her on vacation.

The Teen Mom 2 star, her fiance David Eason and their kids are now back home in North Carolina, but apparently she got into quite a scuffle at the St. Thomas airport — and there’s even video proof showing exactly what went down!


First, the 25-year-old had to deal with social media drama on their Virgin Islands vacation for only bringing her oldest son, Jace, and Dave’s oldest daughter, Maryssa, on the trip while the other kids stayed back home.

We have the coolest kids @j_evans1219

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But now the couple has bigger things to worry about, as there’s video footage of a verbal altercation Jenelle, David, and an unnamed traveler got into at the airport on the way home.

“I was verbally attacked by Janelle [sic] from Teen Mom this morning at the St. Thomas airport!” the “victim” wrote on Facebook.

“She is not a nice person!”

You are the most amazing person I know babe, I love you so much!

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The fan then went into more detail in the comments, essentially saying she was minding her own business at the cafe but took a picture of the menu there to send back to the people she was traveling with.

Then David, whom she described as “kind of a jerk,” approached her and started videotaping her and asking her if she liked being filmed.

That video footage can be seen below:

The girl played innocent, saying she wasn’t taking photos of Jenelle, David, and their kids, but Jenelle allegedly still got in her face and said, “I know you know who I am, I saw you taking a video of me because I’m on TV and a reality star!”

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We’d like to assume the girl was in fact snapping photos of the Evans/Eason crew, because why else would David and Jenelle get so aggressive and defensive with a stranger, right?!

The post concluded by saying security was called because the couple was “out of line,” resulting in the girl feeling “caught off guard and attacked.”

Read her entire retelling of what went down here:



Meanwhile, the Read Between the Lines author defended herself on Twitter and said the altercation happened because the girl was videotaping her kids and they were uncomfortable.


Though the messages have since been deleted, some eagle-eyed fans screenshotted her side of the story:

We do know drama tends to follow Jenelle to wherever in the world she is — remember that time Nathan Griffith broke into her car and stole some belongings while she was away in Miami?! — but we’re not sure whose side to believe here.

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What do you make of this? Do you think Jenelle attacked the girl or the other way around? Tell us below!

Teen Mom 2 premieres this summer on MTV.