Jenelle Evans Reveals, “I Feel So Bad For Jace”
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Reveals, “I Feel So Bad For Jace”

No matter what else is going on in her life, there’s one constant for Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans: drama. The latest target? Her son Jace’s absentee father, Andrew Lewis.

The expectant reality star, who has been working hard to get her life together before baby number two arrives, still seems to have plenty of time to throw shade at others online, although, once in a while, it seems her pot-stirring ways are not entirely misdirected.

On Monday, March 17, Jenelle voiced her latest grievance on Twitter, calling out her ex, Andrew, for all but abandoning the former couple’s adorable 4-year-old son.

“God I feel so bad for Jace,” wrote Jenelle. “His dad really wants nothing to do with him. I never knew a father can actually have the balls to say this.”

“I hate trying to have a convo with Jace's father,” explained the star. “So hard not to get all mad at him … I keep trying and Andrew won't budge.. He seriously doesn't give a s—t.”

While the issues that keep Jenelle and Andrew at odds, from mutual admissions of heroin use to that awkward on-screen paternity test, may be real, it seems mighty unfair to drag their kid into their never-ending drama fest.

At least maybe Jenelle’s new boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, can provide Jace a positive role model once and for all — a spray-tanned, shirtless, role model.

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