Did Jenelle Evans’s Baby Daddy, Andrew Lewis, Secretly Visit Jace at Daycare? — Report
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Jenelle Evans

Did Jenelle Evans’s Baby Daddy, Andrew Lewis, Secretly Visit Jace at Daycare? — Report

Time to cast your mind back to a simpler time, when Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans was still dating her baby daddy, Andrew Lewis. Jenelle and Andrew had a short-lived love affair at the tender age of 16, but unfortunately this dude didn't stick around to help raise their kiddo, Jace. In fact, Andrew moved from Jenelle's home state of North Carolina to Florida, and has barely had any contact with Jenelle or Jace since!

However, Andrew has made a few attempts to see Jace over the years, and according to a report from RadarOnline.com, he recently visited his love child at daycare — without asking Jenelle or her mom, Barbara Evans (who has custody of Jace), for permission!

“He has told people that he has gone four times to try and visit Jace at daycare,” a source tells Radar. “They snuck him in one time but Andrew’s not on the approved list of visitors so they started turning him away.”

Obviously, Andrew's alleged actions are completely inappropriate, and Barbara isn't having it. “Babs went over to daycare and took Jace home when she heard Andrew was trying to visit," the source says.

"Babs takes care of him full time and she certainly doesn’t want Andrew to just go into the daycare to see Jace. He owes her something like $10,000 in child support and he never pays or shows up.”

Jenelle and Barbara have always been open to Andrew visiting Jace, but apparently Andrew wants Jenelle to bring Jace down to Florida to visit him. “Andrew thinks that Jenelle should bring Jace to see him, not the other way around. He brags that he gave the boy life and that’s enough for now," the source explains.

“Plus he always says that he sends her money and she spends it on junk or pawns stuff he gives her to buy drugs. They don’t get along at all and he’s pretty sure he’s never going to see Jace while he’s young.”

Hm...Jenelle has been sober for over a year now, so it seems unlikely that she'd be spending money from Andrew on drugs. Hopefully, this dude will shape up and become a better father-figure for Jace sometime in the future, but for now this kiddo can take comfort in his dad's emotional rap song, "A Song Called Jace." Lyrics? "I love you like cooked food, never listen to the people I'm a good dude." Amazing.

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Source: RadarOnline.com