Jenelle Evans Bares Her Baby Bump on the Beach — At Nine Months!
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram    

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Bares Her Baby Bump on the Beach — At Nine Months!

It's a belated Mother's Day miracle, y'all! Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is once again giving the people (aka her hoards of screaming fangirls) what they posting yet another semi-nude photo of herself in a bikini. We are all so blessed!

In case you hadn't noticed, Jenelle is around nine months pregnant with her second child (a enormous baby boy named Kaiser), and girlfriend’s belly is huge. No seriously, it is this close to popping — and don't even get us started on the giant hole in her stomach that we lovingly call, The Artist Formerly Known as Jenelle's Piercing.

Even more exciting? It's bikini season in Jenelle's home state of North Carolina, and this gal has taken to wandering the beaches in a itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, leopard-print bikini. We repeat, so blessed.

Check out Jenelle's most recent bikini pic, in which her belly is so big that we can no longer see her bikini bottoms. Yep, it's just stomach, legs, and a giant cheeseburger. And speaking of cheeseburgers, we're so happy to see Jeelle indulging her cravings! Let's not forget that this MTV star is eating for two, and considering that Kaiser is on the large size, he's clearly guzzling tons of calories.

What do you think of Jenelle's latest bikini bump photo? And more importantly, when do you think she'll go into labor?