David Eason Responds to Rumors Kieffer Is Ensley\'s Biological Father (UPDATE)
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Jenelle Evans

David Eason Responds to Rumors Kieffer Is Ensley’s Biological Father (UPDATE)


UPDATE (4/20/17 at 2:40 p.m. ET):

David Eason is weighing in on the latest bout of Teen Mom 2 rumors.

Earlier this week, fans were speculating Ensley, Dave's daughter with Jenelle Evans, is actually Kieffer Delp's kid, since her skin looked a bit darker in one particular Instagram photo.

Now, Dave has sounded off in the comments section of the photo in question, and don't worry, guys — the baby is "white as hell."

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Thanks for the clarification, dude!

To see the photo that sparked the controversy and to get Jenelle's take on the whole thing, keep scrolling!

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Original story (4/17/17 at 1:56 p.m. ET):

Courtland Rogers has been back in the news lately now that he’s out of jail, but there’s room for more than one of Jenelle Evans’s felon exes in the headlines, apparently.

A new rumor claims the father of the Teen Mom 2 star’s youngest child, daughter Ensley, isn’t her future husband, David Eason, but rather her most infamous ex, Kieffer Delp!


If you need a little bit of background, Jenelle and The Delp dated on and off during the earlier seasons of Teen Mom 2, when she was using hard drugs and doing a whole slew of other illegal things.

Though the 25-year-old revealed “Kieffah,” as Babs calls him, moved from North Carolina to New Jersey, she admitted she’s sort of been in touch with him here and there since their final split in 2012 in between dating David and her other ex, Nathan Griffith.

So could that explain the latest rumor that Kieffer, not David, is Ensley’s biological dad?

That’s what some fans are saying after the mom of three posted a photo of her 6-week-old daughter in which her skin-tone appeared a bit darker.

Live in the sunshine. #BabyGirl

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Of course, this prompted fans to speculate in the comments the baby looks more like dark-skinned Kieffer than lighter-skinned like David.

Not so fast. Jenelle cleared up this rumor, telling The Dirrty “that’s ridiculous” and absolutely “not true.”

As for the photo in question? “The filter made her look dark,” she concluded.

Close one, right?


And though Jenelle does have three separate baby daddies for all three of her children Jace, 7, Kaiser, 2, and Ensley, can you imagine if hoodie-loving Kieffer was one of them?

What an alternate reality that would be!

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