Jenelle Evans Says Baby Kaiser Is “None of Your Business”
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Says Baby Kaiser Is “None of Your Business”

Real talk: Jenelle Evans handles her life in the spotlight pretty well considering that she has an army of haters.

This Teen Mom 2 star is used to being followed around by whatever the North Cackalacky version of paparazzi is, engages with her fans on the regular, and seems totally fine with her personal life in the public eye. However, there's just one thing she wants to keep private...her new baby!

Jenelle popped out Kaiser on June 30, and has yet to share any photos of him to social media (pics or it didn't happen, girl). What's more, she's refusing to let haters bully her about the decisions she's making as a new mom. This girl's already had to defend herself for drinking coffee and taking Kaiser out on errands, and it looks like she's officially had enough.

"It's none of yr [sic] business where I go or what I do with my newborn son," Jenelle tweeted to fans on July 8. "Lmao so immature, half of u don't even have children of yr own!"

Jenelle has a point, but she should probably get used to fans voicing their opinion about her parenting skills. Social media can be both a curse and a blessing, and Jenelley has to learn to take the good with the bad!

That being said, do you think Jenelle should let haters keep hating, or do you understand why she's trying to put judgemental fans in their place? Dish your opinion below!