Jenelle Evans’s Baby Reaches a Major Milestone — What Is It?
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Facebook    

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans’s Baby Reaches a Major Milestone — What Is It?

It seems like just yesterday that Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans was pushing a baby out of her lady parts, and it's hard to believe that Lil' Kaiser Griffith is already over a month old! Time flies when you're binge-drinking breast milk all day, right guys?

Unfortunately, fans haven't seen Kaiser in action thanks to the fact that Teen Mom 2 is a few months behind the actual times — but the wonderful world of social media keeps us fully informed about this little dude's developmental strides.

Basically, Kaiser is an advanced genius baby who's poised to take control of the world and become a dictator. Not only is this little dude already holding his head up by himself (serious neck muscles, guys!), but he's now sleeping through the night like a total champ.

Jenelle took to Twitter to confirm the good news, tweeting, "I know this will be hard to believe BUT Kai slept through his first night! From 11pm-7am!"

This is great news for our girl Jenelley! Now she can finally get her beauty sleep without waking up to feed Kaiser, and the wee lil' guy will be better rested for a day of fun in the South Carolina sun.

Can you believe Kaiser is already sleeping soundly through the night? Weigh in below!