Jenelle Evans Bonds With Nathan Griffith\'s Daughter, Emery! (PHOTOS)
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Bonds With Nathan Griffith’s Daughter, Emery! (PHOTOS)


Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans just got back together with her fiancé, Nathan Griffith, and now she's playing stepmom to his daughter, Emery! Jenelle and Nathan don't live together full-time anymore, but they seem to be spending a lot of time together, and Jenelle recently posted photos of a family bonding session with Em.


Nathan and Jenelle see Emery pretty infrequently, so you better believe they treat her like a princess when she visits. Not only did Jenelle take Emery to get her portrait painted, she also took her on a trip to the soap store (trust: it's a lot more fun than it sounds).

Today is all about her.

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Soap shop.

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So, who has custody of Emery? This little lady lives with the parents of Allison Stevens, Nathan's ex, who absolutely hates Jenelle. “Emery is under guardianship with my parents but I see her everyday,” Allison told a curious Teen Mom fan back in 2013.


Around the same time, Jenelle confirmed that Nathan sees Emery about once a month, tweeting, “She's allowed around me. She only comes down once a month, it's BS. He never gets time with her.”


More recently, Allison took to social media and said, “I have my own life and Emmy has to see her day court ordered once a month nothing I can do.”

Twelve times a year is pretty low for visitation, but hey, at least Nathan is a consistent part of Emery's life!