Jenelle Evans “Can’t Wait” to Get Kaiser-Themed Tattoo — Is It Too Soon?
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans “Can’t Wait” to Get Kaiser-Themed Tattoo — Is It Too Soon?

Jenelle Evans officially has her priorities in order, Teen Mom Nation. Gone are the days when this infamous troublemaker was binge-eating alfredo sauce and choosing Kesha over freedom.

Now she's a responsible stay-at-home mom who's all about being the best role model she can be for her two kiddos.

However, Jenelle hasn't totally given up her rebellious ways. She might be clean and sober, but girlfriend still loves herself a questionable tattoo, and she's planning to get inked ASAP!

Jenelle already has a slew of tattoos including a giant leopard on her thigh, some cherry blossoms on her back, YOLO on her collarbone, and — most importantly — her son Jace's initial scrawled on her neck. So it goes without saying that she's planning on getting a tattoo in honor of her new kiddo, Kaiser.

Jenelle's already spoken about her plans to get a Kaiser tat, but it looks like she's going under the needle sooner than we had previously thought. "Can't wait to get this tatt idea I have for Kaiser!" she tweeted. "Would be selfish not to get one for him since I have a tattoo for Jace."

Sounds great, but let's not forget that Jenelle's breastfeeding. Most reputable tattoo parlors won't go anywhere near a nursing mother; so either Jenelle's going to get inked despite her boobs being a source of nutrition for Kai, or she's going to finish breastfeeding and then get inked.

Do you think Jenelle should do the responsible thing and wait until she's weaned Baby Kai to get a tattoo, or should she go for it now? Sound off below, fangirls!