Chelsea, Kailyn, and Yes, Even Barbara, React to Getting Cease & Desists from Jenelle Evans
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Jenelle Evans

Chelsea, Kailyn, and Yes, Even Barbara, React to Getting Cease & Desists from Jenelle Evans


Jenelle Evans is taking drastic measures to get her co-stars to stop talking smack.

The Teen Mom 2 star has officially served many of her fellow MTV stars with cease and desist letters — including her own mother!

And the stars' reactions to the papers range from complete befuddlement to downright hilariousness.

Jenelle has been on edge with Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry on-and-off for a while now, but things came to a head at the Teen Mom 2 Season 8 reunion, which filmed in Los Angeles last month.

The girls kept their distance from JE, which could be because Jenelle literally texted Kailyn beforehand asking her to not talk to nor about her at all during the taping.

She also called her a "bitch!"

But apparently a text didn't suffice, as now the newlywed and her husband, David Eason, have jointly filed cease and desist letters against Kail, Chelsea, and Babs.

Kail, who recently weighed in on Jenelle's abuse allegations and her threats to quit the show, revealed the news first, tweeting that she doesn't even care to talk about the 25-year-old — and if she did, "it's my opinion."

Meanwhile, Chelsea, who's primarily stayed out of the drama over the years, "liked" Kail's tweet and revealed that she too got served with papers from the Easons.

Which obviously meant that Papa Randy was going to chime in next...

Chelsea's dad made a good point about the whole thing and made light of the situation, calling out Jenelle's infamous lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, by name.


We miss the Kesha concert lawyer too, Rand!

And last but not least we have a reaction from Barbara, Jenelle's mother, who has custody of her son Jace and whom the mom of three has barely spoken to since their May court date when Jenelle was denied full custody of the 8-year-old.

Well Girls I'm joining the group!!!!!! I also got my Cease and.Desist Papers today. From Mr and Mrs Eason

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The Wal-Mart deli counter worker revealed via Instagram that she's "joining the group," as she got served from Mr. and Mrs. Eason too.

Babs has been vocal this season about how she feels David is controlling her daughter and preventing them from having a relationship — these docs surely won't help!

In response, Jace's grandma said she sent the letter to her lawyer, and both of them were in utter shock.

“I don’t say anything that isn’t true,” she said.



“I think it is comical myself. My lawyer said ‘What is this? Oh my God. They are crazy."

Leah, meanwhile, has been in Los Angeles on business, and tweeted she hasn't been home yet to check her mail and see if she's one of the lucky ones, too.

But she did drop a bombshell that she was "harassed" by Jenelle for two weeks via text message after filming wrapped on the reunion. Say whaa?!

The only cast member who was spared is newbie Briana DeJesus, who likely didn't get papers since she and Jenelle are on friendly terms these days.

Plus, Bri's temporarily deactivated her Twitter account, so we guess we'll never know...

What do you think of Jenelle and David sending out so many cease and desists? Are they just looking for attention? Sound off in the comments!