Jenelle Evans Has a Conjugal Conversation with Nathan Griffith — How Did It Go?
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Has a Conjugal Conversation with Nathan Griffith — How Did It Go?

You probably woke up this morning thinking, "Maybe Nathan Griffith got out of jail over the weekend so I can stop praying to my Teen Mom 2 shrine." Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Everyone's favorite MMA fighter turned "pretty boy" is still locked in the slammer for 47 days thanks to charges stemming from his 2013 DUI arrest, and it doesn't look like he'll get out anytime soon. Meanwhile, Nathan's baby mama, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans, is seven months pregnant with his son, the fetus known as Kaiser Griffith. Drama!

It must be extremely hard for Nathan to miss out on an entire month of his girlfriend's pregnancy, but fear not! Apparently the Horry County’s Sheriff’s Office has these weird things called "telephones" and Nathan's allowed to call Jenelle for real talk. But what do these brainiacs chat about during their conjugal convos?

While Jenelle hasn't spilled the intimate details of her chats with Nathan, she did take it to Twitter and write that she spent one entire convo making her man LOL himself silly! "Just talked to [Nathan] and had him dying of laughter in there," Jenelle tweeted on April 12. She added, “He laughed for a good 5 mins. Oh man... And it keeps going."

Not quite sure what was so hilarious, but it must have been pretty good if Nathan laughed for a full five minutes. Maybe Jenelle showed him flashback photos of the giant-sleeved mantanks he wore this season? Lord knows those made us laugh.

Are you happy to see Jenelle and Nathan getting through this rough patch with a smile on their faces? Join the club and weigh in below!