Jenelle Evans Slams Courtland Rogers: “He’s Such a Horrible Person”
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Jenelle Evans Slams Courtland Rogers: “He’s Such a Horrible Person”

Jenelle Evans is in the process of getting divorced from her estranged husband, Courtland Rogers, and let's just say that their marriage has not been all sunshine and rainbows. Fortunately, Jenelle and Courty have managed not to shade each other on Twitter too much, but times have officially changed thanks to a lil' something called Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle accused Courtland of abusing and controlling her during this week's all-new episode, and you better believe he took it to Twitter to call out his wife and throw some shade in her general direction. To make matters worse, Jenelle seems to think that Courtland has sold yet another story to the media as retaliation! "Why won't u f—ing stay out of my life ? Get a job instead of trying to sell stories about me," Jenelle tweeted to her ex. "Get a life and move on, I have."

Courtland's response? "Where u hear I was doing that ?? Are u serious and how could u say that about me...What in the actual f— u are heartless."

Apparently, Jenelle's fleet of haters sided with Courtland (no surprise there), but she headed back to the internets to explain herself. "None of u understand what I've been through with him..." she tweeted. "It was nothing like I ever experienced in my life. Such a horrible person..."

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), Jenelle and Courtland's relationship didn't play out on MTV, so fans don't have an inside glimpse at their life together. However, one only needs to look at their arrest records to see what kind of a guy Courtland is, and we're thinking Jenelle's definitely better off without him!