Jenelle Evans’s Estranged Husband Courtland Rogers Facing Another Potential Felony!
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Jenelle Evans’s Estranged Husband Courtland Rogers Facing Another Potential Felony!

Please pour out some Tang for our fallen homie, Courtland Rogers. This second-hand Teen Mom 2 star has been having a pretty rough time ever since he busted out of jail, and now there's a new warrant out for his arrest. Oh, Courtland. What have you done?

Turns out Jenelle Evans's estranged husband has been accused of stealing and pawning his friend Katie McMillan's jewelry. Good times! According to, Katie filed a theft report after three of her family rings went missing. The rings were later found at a local pawn shop, and were determined to have been pawned by Courtland (he used his ID to pawn them, bless his heart).

Katie tells Radar that Courty may be charged with felony larceny if the value of her rings exceeds $1,000, which could lead to a long-term stint in jail.

“He told me if he got charged with one more felony, he would get an automatic 20 years in prison and be considered a ‘habitual felon,’” Katie says. “I was trying to help him get into a treatment program and had even talked with a doctor. He was telling me he wanted to get sober and get away from drugs."

Katie says the rings that Courtland pawned belonged to her grandmothers, and that she contacted the police before reaching out to him directly.

“I found out he had a history with pawning things and his mother had even gone to pawn shops to tell them not to let him pawn anything,” she says. “I wanted the police to have the chance to get it back. If he thought I knew it was gone he might get rid of it somewhere and I’d never get it back.”

This certainly isn't the first time Courty has been accused of pawning someone else's possessions — back in December, Jenelle tweeted that Courtland "pawned every piece of jewelry [she] owned."

Who knows what will happen to Courtland once he turns himself into the police, but let's hope he doesn't go back to jail for 20 years….


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