Jenelle Evans: Nathan Griffith Reads All My Messages Online
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans: Nathan Griffith Reads All My Messages Online

Jenelle Evans is certainly no stranger to drama, so it comes as no surprise that the Teen Mom 2 star and her estranged hubby, Courtland Rogers, are back to their favorite activity: dishing out dirt on Twitter.

On March 8, Courtland tweeted at his soon-to-be ex-wife, “Why did you call me this morning and tell me that for Jenelle,” alluding to a phone call placed by his former flame — and, from Jenelle’s perspective, hoping to stir up trouble for the pregnant star with new boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle responded, “U can message me about this, we aren’t publicly talking about it on here … I’m not ruining my relationship over this drama.”

While Jenelle claimed that her call to Courtland was solely about the terms of their impending divorce, fans questioned how truthful that statement was, and, if that was the case, why that would ruin her current relationship.

Despite the implication that, perhaps Jenelle had been talking to her ex behind Nathan’s back, Jenelle responded, “Nathan reads all my messages and knows I was going to contact him. Did it Infront (sic) of him too. I'm faithful.”

A relationship in which your significant other reads all of your messages might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, whatever works!

Do you think Courtland is trying to stir up trouble by messaging Jenelle? Do you think it's normal for Nathan to read all of Jenelle's communications with other people?

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