Jenelle Evans on What She Saw in Courtland Rogers: I Didn’t Know About His Felonies
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Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans on What She Saw in Courtland Rogers: I Didn’t Know About His Felonies

Is it just us, or did Teen Mom 2's season premiere seem slightly rushed. Last time we checked in on Jenelle Evans she was hooked on heroin and dating Kieffer Delp, and then next thing we knew she was married to some jailbird named Courtland Rogers and was getting an abortion. Um, what?!

Jenelle's life circa Teen Mom 2 Season 5 couldn't be more different than her life circa Season 4, but she took some time out of her busy schedule of being flawless to chat about the mysterious creature known as "Courtland" to fans. Namely, what went wrong?!

"I didn't know his history of drug use," Jenelle explained to MTV during Teen Mom 2's after show. "And I did not know his background, that he had multiple felonies. I got off drugs shortly after we started dating, but he's been on it for years. And it's been really hard for him to get off."

Jenelle says that she still doesn't think she knows who Courtland really is because of his penchant for lying.

"Every little thing he says, I'm just like, it's a lie. It was kinda like that Rihanna video, 'Fell in Love in a Hopeless Place,'" she said. "I realized getting married was a mistake a month afterwards. He was talking to multiple girls. I couldn't go through his phone, I couldn't touch his phone, couldn't look at his Facebook. Wasn't allowed to touch anything that was private. It blew my mind how badly he hurt me. I've never been hurt so bad by a guy in my life."

Courtland has finally been released from jail after falling off the wagon and violating his probation, but so far he and Jenelle have managed to stay out of each other's lives — for the most part. Hopefully these two will be able to get their divorce and move on in a mere matter of months!

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