Are Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Still Married?
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Jenelle Evans

Are Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Still Married?

We can hardly remember life before Teen Mom 2's fifth season, but the time has come to cast your mind all the way back to December 4, 2012, the fateful day that Jenelle Evans married her estranged husband, Courtland Rogers, in a simple courthouse ceremony. Dun dun dun!

Unfortunately, Jenelle and Courtland's marriage didn't exactly work out as planned, and they parted ways after a series of breakups and makeups that culminated in being arrested for heroin possession in April 2013. Jenelle and Courtland have been on bad terms ever since, but — you guessed it — they're still married!

North Carolina law stipulates that a married couple be separated for an entire year before filing for divorce, and it's definitely been more than a year for Jenelley and Courtland. These two were arrested (and subsequently started their separation) on April 23, 2013 — which means they are officially allowed to get divorced.

The good news? It looks like Jenelle is eager to get the proceedings started, and hit up Courtland's Twitter account for an update. "Have u got served those papers yet buddy?!" she tweeted.

Courtland then responded, "NO but please serve them to me asap lol what happens if we don't divorce before u have Kaiser?"

Courtland is referring to the bun in Jenelle's oven (a little boy named Kaiser!), who's due to make his triumphant debut this summer. Hopefully, Jenelle and Courtland's divorce will be processed before Kaiser is welcomed to the world, so that his mom can go ahead and get married to her current boyfriend, Nathan Griffith!

Do you think Jenelle and Courtland will get divorced before Kaiser's birth? Weigh in below!