Jenelle Evans Tweets, Deletes Texts Proving Barbara Is Keeping Jace From Her
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Tweets, Deletes Texts Proving Barbara Is Keeping Jace From Her


Uh, we’re beginning to think the chances of Barbara Evans getting an invite to her daughter’s wedding are looking slimmer and slimmer.

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans has shared (and then unshared) a screenshot of a text message exchange with her mother Babs proving she’s purposely keeping Jace from her — and it seems like this never-ending custody battle might be nastier than we thought.


As fans of the show know all too well by now, Jenelle has been trying to regain custody of her 7-year-old son for almost four years at this point — Babs became Jace’s legal guardian when he was a baby and when Jenelle was still using.


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Jenelle has gotten increasingly mad at her mother in recent months for this, even refusing to film with her — and admitting she may not invite her to her fall 2017 wedding to David Eason!

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But a new conversation between the mother/daughter pair may reveal why.

In a screenshot obtained by Reddit before Jenelle deleted it from the interwebs entirely, the Walmart employee tells her daughter “Jace is staying home” because they are going to the beach and “you have had him 3 weeks in a row.”


The mom of three fights back, saying she’s his mother and should have her child for more than just three consecutive weekends.

Read the entire texting convo here:

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It’s important to note, however, that in the Instagram caption, Jenelle writes this is one of the reasons her oldest child hasn’t appeared on her Snapchat recently — but as some Redditers point out, shouldn’t she want to spend time with her son, and not just to document their time together on social media?!

Regardless, it’s clear there’s some deep-rooted issues between the Evans gals that we haven’t been hearing about lately.

Jenelle just last week called her mom “fame-hungry,” and revealed the truth about their relationship will come to light in her upcoming memoir, Read Between the Lines.


Do you think Jenelle has a point and should see her son more often? Why do you think Babs keeps Jace from Jenelle so often? Tell us below!

Teen Mom 2 returns later this year to MTV.