Jenelle Evans Slams Ex-Boyfriends For Claiming Jace Called Them “Daddy”
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Slams Ex-Boyfriends For Claiming Jace Called Them “Daddy”

What time is it? Tool time, and also time for Jenelle Evans to pick up a handful of shade and throw it towards her fleet of grifter ex-boyfriends. In case you hadn't noticed, this Teen Mom 2 star is doing better than ever — she's sober, in a stable relationship with a wall of muscle named Nathan Griffith, pregnant with her second kiddo, and spending more time than ever with her OG son, Jace!

Basically, her life is flawless and you know what that means: haters are gonna hate. And by haters, we mean Jenelle's harem of ex-fiancés / husbands, Kieffer Delp, Courtland Rogers, and Gary Head.

Apparently, each of these boys have gotten it into their head that Jace used to call them "daddy" (LOL, nope), and Jenelle isn't having it for a second. "U may all think my parenting skills are non-existent from 'not having custody', but I would never MAKE my son call someone daddy," she tweeted.

Jenelle then added, "Out of filming all these years of Teen Mom... When has Jace EVER called any of my exs daddy?! I don't ever recall one time…"

Neither do we, but apparently The Ghosts of Boyfriends Past would beg to differ. First, Jenelle's estranged husband, Courtland, threw in his two cents by tweeting, "He used to call me daddy !!!! Smh," to which Jenelle responded, "No the f—k he didn't, u wish any child called u daddy, hahahaha."

Then, Jenelle's on-again, off-again lover boy, Kieffer weighed in tweeting, "Damn if he didn't call me daddy to smh lol." Jenelle's response to that? "Stfu, he didn't call u daddy lmfao u weren't nobody to him. The person he liked the most was Gary."

Sounds about right. From what we can remember, Jace seemed pretty attached to Gary, and though we never got to see his relationship with Courtland on Teen Mom 2, we don't have many memories of him bonding with Kieffer. Probably because Kieffer was too busy making proverbial love to his green hoodie, carving "water pipes," and writing poetry.

Do you remember Jace calling any of Jenelle's boyfriends "daddy"? Hit the comments and let us know!

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