How Much Baby Weight Has Jenelle Evans Gained?
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Jenelle Evans

How Much Baby Weight Has Jenelle Evans Gained?

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her second child (a baby boy named Kaiser!), and her diet basically consists of hamburgers, candy, and kisses from her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith. In other words, she's been packing on the calories like woah.

Jenelle's almost nine months pregnant and looks like she could pop any day, but the only thing huge about this girl is her stomach! Despite her high calorie diet, Jenelle's hardly gained any weight in her face, arms or legs, and she took to Twitter to confirm that she's stayed slim throughout this pregnancy.

"Whoaaaaa! I only weigh 128 lbs, 8 months pregnant. Pure baby!" she mused to fans, adding that she normally weighs 110 lbs.

Time to do some math, friends. According to our extremely advanced calculations, Jenelle has only gained 18 pounds so far — which is a super small amount! Most women gain 25-35 pounds during pregnancy, though Jenelle still has another month or so to pack on some more weight! All we know is that Baby Kaiser is clearly stealing all her food.

The good news? We have a feeling that Jenelle won't have any trouble shedding her unwanted pregnancy pounds after Kaiser arrives at the end of June. Not only is she planning to breastfeed (which burns 500 calories a day), but she'll drop around 12 pounds of weight on the day she gives birth thanks to popping out the baby and placenta!

This means that if Jenelley only ends up gaining around 20 pounds total, she'll be more than half way back to her old self once she leaves the hospital!

Are you surprised that Jenelle's gained so little weight during her pregnancy? Let us know below.