Is Jenelle Evans Getting an Epidural?
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Is Jenelle Evans Getting an Epidural?

We're officially on bump watch now that Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is entering the ninth month of her pregnancy! Yep, MTV's most infamous reality star is just a few weeks away from welcoming her second son, Kaiser Griffith, into the world, and in the words of Jessie Spano we're so excited, we're so excited...we're so scared...for Jenelle's lady parts.

Apparently, delivering kiddo No. 2 is a walk in the park compared to delivering kiddo No. 1, but the fact remains that a giant watermelon-sized human being is going to be pushed out of Jenelle's danger zone. We can't even imagine how painful the experience will be, but luckily there's a little something-something called an epidural.

Epidurals can help mitigate the pain of contractions during labor, and we're pretty curious about whether or not Jenelle will get one. Long story short? She's absolutely going for it. This former jail bird took to Twitter to confirm the news, simply saying, "I'm def getting that epidural!"

Welp, that settles that. Sure, many of Jenelle's fellow Teen Mom 2 stars chose to go the au natural route during their labor and delivery, but there's no shame in getting pain relief during one of the most notoriously painful moments of a woman's life!

Are you surprised that Jenelle's going to get an epidural when she goes into labor? Hit the comments and let us know what you think about her decision!