Jenelle Evans Goes on a No-Carb Diet!
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Goes on a No-Carb Diet!

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans popped out her second child just a few months ago, and she's already wandering around the backwoods of South Carolina in a crop top.

This gal's lost the majority of her baby weight (not hard to do considering that she only gained about 20 pounds), but apparently she's still trying to fit into those pre-baby skinny jeans!

You know what that means: Time for Jenelley to go on a diet. And we don't mean an alfredo-only diet that consists of eating delicacies on Olive Garden's menu. We mean a strict no-carb diet, y'all!

Turns out Jenelle is nixing tasty carbs in an attempt to drop a few unwanted post-baby pounds, and she took to Twitter to complain about eating broccoli (aka the Struggle), adding that her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, is the reason she's getting healthy.

“Don't want broccoli but I promised [Nathan] I would eat healthier." she tweeted on September 2.

At this point, one of Jenelle's haters made the mistake of telling Jenelle to eat cheese, which prompted a philosophical debate on whether cheese is a carb (spoiler alert: It kinda is? WHO KNOWS).

But that aside, are you surprised to hear that Jenelle's living a life sans bread, donuts, pasta, and cookies? The horror!