Jenelle Evans on Her Pregnancy: “I Just Want Everyone to Be Happy For Me” (VIDEO)
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Jenelle Evans on Her Pregnancy: “I Just Want Everyone to Be Happy For Me” (VIDEO)

Jenelle Evans is pregnant with our future lord and savior, Kaiser Griffith, and she couldn't be more excited about becoming a mom for round two! This Teen Mom 2 starlet has faced a lot of criticism about whether she'll be able to step up, but Jenelle knows she can do it. She's clean, sober, in a stable relationship, and has an amazing job — what could possibly go wrong?

Ultimately, Jenelle is thrilled that she's pregnant and she just wants her friends, family, and fans to be happy for her. "I was really happy," Jenelle explains during the Teen Mom 2 after show with baby daddy, Nathan Griffith. "I just hope this baby's healthy and happy."

Sounds like Jenelle has the right attitude, though she also stresses that her first son Jace's happiness is super important. "I want Jace to get along with him," Jenelle says. "I just want everybody to be happy about this pregnancy. I don't want everyone to be like 'oh my god she's pregnant again this is horrible.' I just want everyone to be happy for me, congratulate me, and be excited for me. For once."

Jenelle definitely has a lot of haters who think her pregnancy is — as she says, "horrible" — but there are plenty of fans who are rooting for her. Sure, Jenelle's had a few brushes with the law during this pregnancy (never forget the time she was arrested for "breach of peace"), but we have a feeling that she'll be a great mom to Baby Kaiser.

What do you think? Head to the comments and let us know if you're excited about Jenelle's pregnancy, or if you think she should have waited a little longer to pop another baby out!

Source: MTV