Jenelle Evans Deals with Heightened Pregnancy Senses — What Are They?
Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    
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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Deals with Heightened Pregnancy Senses — What Are They?

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is basically ready to explode. This notorious reality star is a whopping nine months pregnant with her second child, Baby Kaiser Griffith, and she's due to pop soon (June 29)!

Jenelle's been #blessed with a healthy and complication-free pregnancy for the most part, but girlfriend is definitely feeling the physical side effects of carting around a giant baby in her belly.

She's tired, hungry, rocking swollen ankles, and lord knows what her poor tattoos must be going through. However, the third trimester of pregnancy isn't completely terrible. Jenelle's reaping the rewards of a few fun side-effects — like heightened sensitivities to smell and taste!

This gal took to Twitter to muse on her Spidey Senses, sharing a vaguely creepy anecdote that we sincerely hope no one at her school reads.

"I smell this girls fresh washed damp hair & she sits all the way in the back if the classroom," Jenelle mused. "It's like an air freshener. #PregnancySenses."

OMG you guys, Jenelle might be morphing into a super hero! Probably because of all the time she spends with actual super hero, Nathan Griffith. Also, hands up if you think her Marvel Comics Book name should be Jenelley's Belly?

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